3D Printing for a Macro Shot

Ready to shoot.One of the things that I enjoy about shooting pics, is pursuing macro photography, not just the 1:1 shots, but aiming for a deeper magnification.  Having the lens pressed against the subject can block out a lot of light, and not having enough light to get your desired shot can be a real problem.  Often times, a creative solution might be needed to capture a good macro shot.  However, some subjects can be illuminated from underneath, and the following post is about one solution that I came up with.  In this blog entry, I will write about the equipment and methods that I used, and provide two examples.



This begins with finding another way to light up an object for macro photography, for this task I utilized a 3D printer.  The printer that I used is a 3D20 Idea Builder by Dremel.  I used 123D Design (no longer available) to plot a diagram of a frame that would hold the subject of the photo and light it from underneath.  The frame attaches to a tripod that allows me to point the camera straight down at the centerpiece.




The frame and mount were assembled with a combination of bolts and rivets.  There is a clamp that attaches the frame to the neck of the tripod, and from there, an arm extends downward to hold the light.  Any kind of standard sized light bulb can be used, but for creative purposes I like to use smart bulbs.  Smart bulbs allow someone to use a varied array of colors and brightness.  The bulb featured in this post is made by LIFX.



Simple storage for the macro kit as it is broken down.

I love to store things in cases. This case is setup for storing the macro photography kit. Here the kit is broken down and stored with the extension tube and light bulb.


The pictures below feature two images that were captured using this macro setup.  The first image is a picture of salt taken with a red light.  It is complemented with some slight vignetting.  The second picture, features a paper towel with a lavender light, and white boarder.  These pictures were taken with a Canon 70D, and the FotodioX macro extension kit that I used in a previous blog post.


Red Salt Web

Click to enlarge.

Lavender Paper Towel Web

Click to enlarge.


I hope people enjoy these particular pictures.  As always, please leave your thoughts and comments.




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