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The Nikon D70

The Nikon D70.

The Nikon D70.

Carry your Nikon camera in Style.

The bag that I purchased for the Nikon D70.

My initial post about this camera was for an experiment into how important megapixels are.  This time around, I wanted to focus more on the camera itself and just have fun.  I took it down to the local park during autumn and shot a few pics.  The size of the CompactFlash card limits me to 11 pictures before it gets full.  The five best pictures are featured below.  If you want to see the first post I made regarding this camera, visit How Important are Megapixels?

Picturesque view of a wooden footpath in downtown Bend, Oregon.

The mallard breed is common to Oregon in the warmer months before flying south for the winter.

Considered the pest species, the Canada Goose can be an aggressive breed of waterfowl.

Photographers can be found anywhere in the wild.

A wide shot taken to show an environment rather than a subject.

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